The smart solution for a variety of industries

Public transportation

Customer photos for travel passes and annual cards.

Corporate and enterprise

Employee photos for ID badges, HR systems or visa applications.

Facility and access management

Visitor photos for identification badges and access regulation.

Improved efficiency and smooth user experience.

The custom branded platform, user-friendly interface and AI-assisted quality control are the modern solution for processing a high number of photos.

Photo Collect eliminates the need for complex infrastructure and processes.

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Digital photo capture

Drastically reduce the time it takes to capture a photo by utilizing digital channels and existing infrastructure.

AI image processing

Use manual and artificial intelligence assisted photo processing and quality control to consistently get high quality images.

Automatic database sync

Seamlessly integrate processed photos into existing client or employee databases through the Application Programming Interface.

Premium implementation services and secure infrastructure

Dedicated support

Dedicated service contracts for tailored and personal customer support.

Secure hosting and transmission

Hosted in Swiss ISO and FINMA certified data center. Encrypted transmission.

Reliable infrastructure

Guaranteed infrastructure uptime of 99.9 % with scheduled maintenance windows.

SBB CFF FFS Customer Story

The Swiss Federal Railway processes a large number of client pictures. Most of these are submitted in hardcopy format, leading to inefficiencies and large processing costs. Photo Collect significantly improved the process through an efficient and user friendly service.

More than 300,000 clients in Swiss public transport used the service with a satisfaction rate of 98%.

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Photo Collect can be licensed with different monthly plans available. Pricing scales with number of users and uploads. All plans include custom branding and configuration, hosting and support.

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